The 6 Rules of Being Creative in a Business Environment

The 6 Rules of Being Creative in a Business Environment

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Being a creative in a Business environment involves a lot of presenting and selling creative execution to clients that do not have strong creative backgrounds. As part of that, there comes some stead-fast rules that are important to keep in mind. These rules are designed to make the process simpler and more intuitive for the client, and therefore…

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Storm by Tim Minchin.

8 Awesome Cover Bands with Personality

I love covers. At the height of the Napster Age I had more than 2000 Beatles covers in my digital collection.

6 Key Tactics To Managing Creatives In Real Life

6 Key Tactics To Managing Creatives In Real Life

I am probably not gaining many new friends by making fun of all of the sunshine and rainbows memes about creatives that are flooding the internet these days, but I seriously cannot stop. That is why in this installment we look at the best ways to manage creatives in real life.

Following in the giant-ish footsteps of The 7 Real Signs of Creative Peoples and 8 Business Adages For Better Businessing

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My #FakeCES Twitter Adventures

My #FakeCES Twitter Adventures

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While attending CES in 2011 for work, I tweeted my adventures, but since I am fundamentally a very boring person in real life, I figured it made sense to tweet my fake adventures too, just to make it interesting to others. Here are my #FakeCES tweets (my real #CES tweets are super boring). (more…)

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In which we announce the Theme for the Gangrene Film Festival 15.

"Gangrene Film Festival organizers announce the theme for the 2014 installation of The Gangrene Film Festival.

The Gangrene Film Festival will take place on August 29th, 2014 for its 15th installment”

Part 2 of The Gangrene Film Festival documentary Funny Wins. In this part we talk about how we come up with the names for each year’s show.

The first of a series of short docu style videos about the Gangrene Film Festival, a short comedy film festival that I have produced for the last 10 years.

Covered Beatles: A Hard Day’s Night by Peter Sellers.

Alien Warrior Comedian - the future of stand-up comedy.

I met this guy last night for the SLC Comedy Carnivale Kick-Off and he was awesome.

Thingstarter: Better Homeless Signs via Above Average Network.