8 Business Adages For Better Businessing

8 Business Adages For Better Businessing

I have a bad habit of summing up complex professional situations with made up on the spot business adages that we all then groan about. In an effort to keep track of those sayings and create easy and semi-empty content for my blog so that I have something to post to my different social networks (especially LinkedIn– because that is the biggest pain in the butt one to manage), I thought it would…

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Alien Warrior Comedian - the future of stand-up comedy.

I met this guy last night for the SLC Comedy Carnivale Kick-Off and he was awesome.

Spaceman Came Down | Learn Guitar With David Brent.

SLC Nerd 2013 - Keeping It Hulk Simple

We produce an annual geek festival called SLC Nerd. Here is the fourth and final video promo we produced for it. The Hulk is played by the incomparable King of Utah CosPlay, Eric Allan Hall, with a cameo appearance by our Creative Director, Craig Nybo.

Paperman - the rest of the story (via College Humor)

The Gangrene Film Festival: Apollo 13 Show Open.

Our little agency produces a film festival that we refer to as our annual creative event. We are going on our 14th year - it happens every September. This is the show open animation from last year. It was created by our Art Director and Lead Animator Mike Terrell. It is probably my favorite one of them all, and they are all wonderful.

The Opening Monologue from the Independent Spirit Awards with Host Andy Samberg.

Here is how you do dumb smart.

Book Trailer for Allied Zombies for Peace by Craig Nybo.

My friend and co-worker has a new book out and this is the trailer to it.

Gandalf Street Magic (via College Humor).

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (If I Haven’t Blown A Fuse).

This was our agency Christmas card to clients last year. Song and Lyrics by Craig Nybo, Animation by Mike Terrell, Back-up Vocals by the whole agency.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (If I Haven’t Blown a Fuse).

This is our Agency Christmas Video from last year. It was written by Craig Nybo and performed by him and Larry Nybo (additional background vocals by Curtis Spendlove, Norm Johnson, Brandon Beck, Mike Terrell, and me).

The video itself was designed and animated, by Mike Terrell, at mediaRif studios. 

You can download the song for free for a limited time at the following link: http://gangreneproductions.bandcamp.com/ 

mediaRif is a digital services agency based in Kaysville, Utah specializing primarily in video production, animation, and web/software development. Gangrene Productions (the “viral” arm of mediaRif) focuses on humorous and original video, animation, music and live events production & promotion.

Stephen Hawking Makes A Surprise Appearance At The Gangrene Film Festival: Apollo 13

Seriously. It was awesome.