Covered Beatles: Across the Univers by Laibach.

The Flaming Lips - “Gates Of Steel” (Devo cover)

All I Need Is Love featuring the Muppets.

The Flaming Lips and Amanda Palmer - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

Definitely NSFW. Perfect match of creative sensibilities in this collab between the Flaming Lips and Amanda Palmer.

Video might need vimeo login to view.

The M*th*rf**k*ng Pterodactyl by Sarah Donner and The Oatmeal

I could’ve sworn that I had posted this already, but I don’t see it in my feed, so am rectifying that right now. (weird also, all of the tags I am typing in are auto-filling, so I must have posted this before, or at least have started to at some point.)

(also cool, Sarah is going to be in Utah in late June and it looks like we found a place for her to play one night while she is in town - more info soon as everything is locked down.)

The Amy Adams Song by Kermit the Frog

More truth has rarely been heard.

The M***** F****** Pterodactyl by Sarah Donner

Our Art Director, Mike Terrell, sent this to me and I instantly fell in love with it. The only bad thing is that it took me a whole month since it was posted for me to find it.

Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee by The Flaming Lips

Song from the new Lips album “The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends” that comes out tomorrow on psychedelic vinyl for Record Store Day, featuring Prefuse 73 and created by OkVideo.

Man, I love this band - they just bask in challenging expectations and pushing other artists to get out of their comfort zones.

Girl, You’re So Weird

By the Flaming Lips and New Fumes from their new album, Heady Fwends.

I had posted this earlier with a YouTube link, but that got pulled as expected. Here it is from Vimeo.

You’re Going to Live by The Real Tuesday Weld

A slow motion love story featuring snails. This is such a great band.

Dinosaurs!! Symphony of Science - The World of the Dinosaurs

A new Symphony of Science Music Video. This one about something we can really sink our teeth into… so to speak…

The Aquabats! Super Show! Music Video: The Good Life 

'Nuff said?

This is my favoritest band ever from Oslo, Norway. And quickly becoming just a regular favorite over all. Even before seeing that they play great fun music.


Cocktail Slippers - “Keep On Dancing” Live HD

Bigfoot Sighting - Proof that Sasquatch is Real

Music video we made to promote the 12th annual Gangrene Film Festival. We put together a Bigfoot band that covered 80’s arena hits to be our pre-show entertainment.