I Hate Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook Edgerank is dumb.

It is intentionally designed to keep people and pages that I have purposefully opted into being included in my newsfeed out of my newsfeed.

Unless, of course, they jump through a series of vaguely defined hoops in order to reach a vaguely defined score based on a vaguely defined ranking process that would then make it possible for them to appear in my newsfeed…

Unless of course their status update shares a keyword or two with other status updates by other people or pages that I have specifically opted in to following. In which case, in those instances FB only shares the one or two most popular updates and forces me to ask to see the others. 

And of course, finally, this is all done in order for us to be more easily herded by FB into interacting in a way that is easier for them to monetize our online actions.

Yay, Facebook…